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They were designed to be simple to maintain with very few electronic systems to go wrong and very little specialist tools and equipment being required, a competent mechanic should be able to service and look after a car. When it comes to repairs or refurbishment then it may well be advisable to bring it to me as there may be things in need of specialist knowledge and equipment.

I am always willing to help with this but it is not an easy task, occasionally I do get asked to help sell a car so please do ask if you are looking to buy or to sell.

No, although there were many parts taken from the Scorpio, the steering, suspension, chassis, etc were all bespoke components.

Yes, many HMCs were not fitted with power steering and very few had air conditioning. Power steering can be fitted retrospectively to all cars but air conditioning is very much more expensive to fit to early cars as the heater design was changed to accommodate A/C, these heaters are not available now so would need to be made as a one off to suit. The change over year would have been about 1998.

I can’t see into the future but to date these cars have been steadily appreciating, some really good examples have changed hands recently for more than their cost new. If a car is well maintained and not ill treated then the chances are it will go up in value not down.

No, all records were lost when the factory closed so things like the original key numbers and radio code are not available.

Yes almost all parts are available but are not necessarily held in stock with me or with my suppliers, many bespoke parts will be made to order, body panels, suspension components etc. There are a few items which are almost impossible to get but fortunately parts from other cars in most cases can be modified to fit when required.

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