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This website was set up with the sole intention of providing a service to HMC Sportscars owners, whether it is an HMC MK4, Silverstone or a Lightweight, it is hoped that this site will enable them to maintain their cars in tip top condition so that the value of their cars and the marque will continue to rise. Many people regard the HMC Healey as the finest Healey Replica produced to date, certainly it has always received good reviews and is still doing so as a quick search on YouTube will atest. This website should provide everything you need to help you own and run an HMC, it has HMC Parts, HMC Servicing, HMC Storage, an HMC Register and an HMC Owner’s Club. We have also provided a Gallery for owners cars and a Forum to enable members to converse directly with each other.

The Co-Founder of HMC Sportscars and owner of Holmes Motors is Graham Holmes. Graham with his brother Peter were responsible for the design and production of HMC Sportscars. Design and development started in 1984, continuing until production ceased in 2001.
As technical director of HMC Sportscars Ltd, Graham was responsible for the design and production of all of the systems, including the electrics, brakes, steering, wipers, fuel, heating, air conditioning, suspension etc. He was also responsible for the type approval of the car which involved all of the testing required for safety and emissions. For this reason Graham is perfectly placed to provide the expert knowledge and skills required to maintain HMCs properly.

There were 180 cars built.

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