About Us

This website was set up with the sole intention of providing a service to HMC owners to enable them to maintain their cars in tip top condition. The aim being to maintain or increase the value their cars and the marque.

The Co-Founder of HMC Sportscars and owner of Holmes Motors is Graham Holmes. Graham with his brother Peter were responsible for the design and production of HMC Sportscars. Design and development started in 1984, continuing until production ceased in 2001.
As technical director of HMC Sportscars Ltd, Graham was responsible for the design and production of all of the systems, including the electrics, brakes, steering, wipers, fuel, heating, air conditioning, suspension etc. He was also responsible for the type approval of the car which involved all of the testing required for safety and emissions. For this reason Graham is perfectly placed to provide the expert knowledge and skills required to maintain HMCs properly.

There were 180 cars built.