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If I store my car with you can I take it out at weekends?

This is normally referred to as garaging not storage. This is not normally offered but in exceptional circumstances you may be able to take it out occasionally, please ask if this is what you are looking for.

This does not apply to Hardtops, these can be taken in and out as required with adequate notice.


What is the security like on the premises?

It is very good, there is a long private driveway which is covered by CCTV with number plate recognition, the area around the workshops and storage shop is also covered by CCTV monitored 24 hours per day. There is security lighting covering the whole area. There are 5 houses on the site one for each of the 2 landlords, one for an adult son and 2 rented accommodations. There are also approximately 6 dogs belonging to the landlords on site!! The storage shop also has an alarm system fitted, steel doors and secure locks.


Do you have a dehumidifier in your storage unit to reduce the dampness?

No, our unit used to be a turkey house and is extremely well insulated and very dry, a dehumidifier is simply is not required. If the temperature were to drop to a level where condensation might form it is heated, this has not happened in the last 11 years.


I don’t have a cover for my car, can you provide one and if so what will it cost?

Yes we will provide a cover free of charge, however, if you do have your own cover please bring it as it is always nice to know it is the correct fit.


If I store my car with you can it stay in the same place and not be moved for the duration of its stay?

Yes, if you make it clear from the start that this is what you want this will be done.